Digital Automotive Advertising Tips: Micro-Moments

Smartphones have forever changed the way we interact not only with each other, but with the vast universe of information available to us in the internet. With each passing year, more people own smartphones that offer the ability to instantly access the internet and acquire information about any given subject. In the world of marketing, this ability has transformed the […]

Understanding and Mitigating Bounce Rates

Bounce rate is a familiar term to those who have learned the basics of website analytics, and it is an important metric in working to improve your website’s user experience. For the uninitiated, bounce rate refers to the rate at which users visit your website’s homepage and subsequently leave. No clicked links, no interactions. It should go without saying that […]

The New Wave of Automotive Advertising

In recent years, the automotive retail industry has undergone a shift in perspective, as it moves from a product-driven to customer-driven approach. Thanks to changing technology and a corresponding change in consumer behavior, automakers and automotive retailers are looking for new ways to build a closer relationship with their customers and deliver a rich brand experience. According to reports, the […]

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