Direct Marketing and Its Uses in Automotive Advertising

Direct marketing takes many forms, but as a core concept it is the practice of communicating directly with customers through various forms of media. Potential customers are targeted based on a variety of factors. These can include proximity to a business, purchasing history, and search history. The focus of this post is not on lead generation but on the advantages of using […]

8 essentials for effective ads in one minute

This short article will give you quick insightful tips on how create compelling advertising that people actually get (and remember). Hundreds of messages are being thrown at consumers each day and you want yours to be the “most noticed”. If your message is not noticed it’s simple… you don’t earn a position in the consumers’ minds and your competitor gets […]

Analog or Digital Advertising: How Do I Choose?

The advertising industry has changed a lot over the last few years, as technology had changed drastically and continues to change. Car dealers especially are put in a difficult position because of this. Is the best solution to move with the times to digital advertising? Won’t switching to digital alienate an entire market of potential buyers? Is analog even still […]

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