Digital Automotive Advertising: Uses of Social Media

In a previous post, we discussed why maintaining a social media presence is crucial in the modern landscape of automotive advertising services. Today, we will be diving deeper into specific aspects of social media that can be used to build a personal relationship with a dealership’s customers. As your social media pages begin to accumulate followers, it will gradually become […]

Boosting Automotive Advertising Through Social Media

The importance of a strong online presence for businesses is greater than ever. This is as true for car dealerships as it is for any other type of business, if not more so. Studies show that less than three percent of car buyers in the Millenial generation rely on traditional marketing – like print ads and TV commercials – to […]

Why Consistency in Advertising Matters

It may seem self-explanatory, but consistency in automotive advertising campaigns is crucial to generating brand awareness. Different campaigns will have different themes, and different sales will focus on different vehicles. However, each campaign, at its core, must maintain a consistent message that evokes a dealership’s brand. Visually and conceptually, a dealership’s brand is its most powerful asset. This is what […]

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