Automotive Advertising Through Facebook

Facebook is dynamic, seamless and exciting. It is massively popular among all age groups, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Facebook is the most used social media platforms in the world. Facebook is leading the field when it comes to new technologies in visual content. Just recently, it started giving preferential treatment in its algorithm for video content […]

Content Marketing: The Importance of Videos

Today, car buyers have plenty of options to choose from. They don’t just have a wide array of car brands, models and features to browse through. There are also thousands of car dealers and independent sellers, and vast online resources at their disposal. Hence, to capture the attention of car buyers, car sellers must look beyond and give an extra […]

Radio Advertising: Still Worth the Money

With the advent of music videos, online games and the escalation of portable devices with which people can store thousands of songs in their pockets, the world expected that traditional radio would gradually die. But once radio embraced the changes and started adapting to new technological trends, it once again realized its true potential and flourished. With the emergence of […]

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