Content Marketing: The Importance of Videos

Today, car buyers have plenty of options to choose from. They don’t just have a wide array of car brands, models and features to browse through. There are also thousands of car dealers and independent sellers, and vast online resources at their disposal.

Hence, to capture the attention of car buyers, car sellers must look beyond and give an extra edge to their automotive ads. Online marketing is a major player in write my paper for me today’s automotive marketing industry. Your marketing strategies must be dynamic and embrace the latest trends. Video marketing is trending today and its scope is growing rapidly in the auto industry.

Below are some tips for effective automotive video marketing for dealer ad agencies.

Prepare your content

Car buyers today conduct thorough research before visiting car dealerships. Videos make this research easy as they provide information to researchers in a more familiar and engaging format. Hence, instead of capturing an aimless walk-around video, spend some time developing a content strategy first. Whether it’s automotive ads or industry-specific videos, an informative and strategic approach is the key to successful marketing.

Vehicle Highlights

The importance of vehicle walk-around videos is crucial. Consumers are not easily impressed with stock images on your website but they’ll be pleased if they can see the actual image of the write my essay vehicle in your inventory. Consumers want to get a real glimpse of what their soon-to-be car looks like. Hence, walk around videos are more appealing to them than stock images.

Simplicity is attractive

It’s not possible to cover every detail regarding the vehicle in a 60 or 90 seconds video. Some dealer ad agencies try to fit in too much information in this time frame and fail to deliver valuable information. Your videos should have the right amount of information, creativity and bottom line goals. The key is to deliver simple and to the point videos.

Video Promotion

Almost 50% of automotive website traffic comes from mobile devices. Hence, if your videos are not optimized to suit mobile devices, you’ll lose the opportunity to connect with this large pool of potential customers.

Share your content far and wide

Make the best use of content sharing platforms to spread your message to your audience. Your message should be concise but your distribution plan should be sprawling. Platforms to use:

Social media

Social media is perhaps the best platform to build a personal rapport with your audience. According to research conducted by Facebook, 71% of consumers will utilize their mobile device when researching a car. Hence, by sharing your videos on social media, you’ll be able to better identify your target audience, improve your sales funnel and increase ROI.


According to Google, 70% of people who used YouTube as part of their car buying process were influenced by what they watched. By sharing your videos on YouTube, you can engage with your audience and enhance your brand visibility. YouTube is the best platform to share walk-around videos, testimonials and car reviews.

Your website

Vehicle highlights, sales specials, testimonials, service specials and more should have a special place in your website. You can also upload your videos on YouTube and other video sharing platforms and embed them on your site to improve your website load time.

Today, the car buying process no longer begins in the showroom. It starts with the internet. Auto advertising agencies can make their marketing campaigns more effective, flexible, and persuasive by making the best use of the internet.

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