Radio Advertising: Still Worth the Money

With the advent of music videos, online games and the escalation of portable devices with which people can store thousands of songs in their pockets, the world expected that traditional radio would gradually die. But once radio embraced the changes and started adapting to new technological trends, it once again realized its true potential and flourished. With the emergence of 100+ channels of diverse network-quality programs made available to us by more and better satellites, radio once again has become a true companion without interruption across the country. With internet radio, people now can stream songs from thousands of global stations on their smartphones. And just like DVDs and online video streaming changed the way people watch TV, Podcasts made radio and audio programming an a�?on demanda�? listening event.

With the proliferation of smartphones and other portable devices, more and more people are taking their radio and audio entertainment mobile. This is a great news for radio advertising agencies seeking to influence a wider audience.

Radio advertising is as enjoyable and profitable as it was decades ago, and more so in 2017. Radio today enables pinpoint targeting, which reduces the cost of radio advertising and boosts return on investment.

When it comes to advertising automotive dealerships, the greatest strength of radio advertising lies in its ability to target specific audiences. Also, with radio advertising, automotive dealers have the ability to saturate their markets, reach wider audiences and spread their message with greater frequency.

Radio captivates audiences

Radio reaches the audience at a time when therea��s not much to distract them. The engagement level for radio advertising, as compared to any other mass media is hard to beat. Hence, if done right, radio advertising has the capacity to captivate its audience.

Radio is the theater of the mind

With words and emotion evoking sounds, radio has the ability to stimulate peoplea��s minds. The old saying a�?Radio is the theater of the minda�? is absolutely true. Radio ads can be funny, emotional or poignant. Advertising agencies should make creative radio ads which the listeners can recall and identify.

Radio ads are frequent

According to researchers, consumers need to be exposed to ads at least three times before it begins to penetrate. Newspapers and TV ads can reach the masses but they are not as frequent and can be cost-prohibitive. Many businesses cannot afford the three-times plus frequency that these mediums provide. Hence, radio is the only viable option that reaches masses frequently and is also cost effective.

Radio is personal

Radio is a local medium and listeners are loyal to their choice of radio station. Listeners turn to local radio for news, weather, and entertainment. Listeners identify with their local personalities and local stations and trust their station to provide accurate and up-to-date information. Loyal listeners stay tuned through commercial breaks and hence, placing ads around important information ensures better levels of listener exposure.

Radio escapes the advertising bubble

Approximately one-third of TV time is devoted to advertising, two-thirds of newspapers are comprised of advertising copy. Radio breaks through this advertising clutter, spending only one-fifth of each hour in ads.

Radio is peoplea��s source for entertainment, news, and weather; it has made people laugh, sing and discuss; it has sold everything from burgers to cars and it has been a trusted companion for decades. For all its qualities, automotive radio advertising is the best and most affordable way to reach your audience.

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