Automotive Marketing and Automotive Technology

Over the years, we have witnessed many enormous transformations in the automobile industry. The automakers and their engineers are working tirelessly to embrace new technologies and introduce innovations in the modern-day vehicle. Thanks to automotive marketing, car buyers and enthusiasts are able to keep pace with this evolving automobile technology.

In the recent years, the concept of a�?in-vehicle servicesa�? has gained prominence with many consumers looking forward to enjoying the benefits of infotainment systems and advanced driver assistance systems.

Connected In-Car Infotainment

Automotive infotainment is one of the fastest growing technologies in the automobile industry and owing to the smartphone technology boom in todaya��s world, this growth trend is expected to rise in the future.

Apple CarPlay or Android Auto are heavily featured in auto advertisements these days with many consumers considering these to be a a�?must-have featurea�? in their cars. The trend of integrating the cara��s entertainment system with the drivera��s mobile device is currently booming in the car market. This feature allows users to tether their smartphones to a vehiclea��s in-dash display and thereby get hands-free access to apps and services.

Calling, texting, navigation etc. a�� all these areas are addressed by CarPlay and AutoPlay. These features not only display large app icons in the central display, but they also allow users to navigate apps through built-in car controls. It is basically entertainment with safety as a priority. A�For example, when a driver connects his iPhone to his car, he can conveniently change music or call someone without taking his eyes off the road by using the buttons on the steering wheel.

The greatest aspects of Apple CarPlay are Apple Maps and Siri. Siria��s ability to read, reply and send messages is impressive. Similarly, if a driver asks a�?Siri, where is the nearest McDonalda��s?a�? A�the system will respond with a route and time estimate almost instantly.

ADAS Technology

This is yet another remarkable technology which is being talked about in many auto advertisements in Dallas. ADAS uses modern detection and alert systems to enhance on-road safety. This technology senses road conditions with the help of radar and sensors; it informs the driver of hazardous road conditions and in some cases, even stops the vehicle. It also monitors in-vehicle health like tire pressure.

Road accidents have become quite frequent in many major cities. In such a scenario, auto advertising agencies should focus on promoting the importance of road safety and car health.

ADAS technology is great for detecting objects in the vehiclea��s blind spot, lane change assistance, forward collision warnings and more.A� Highly advanced systems can also predict actions of other drivers. For example, it can predict when a car is about to back out from a parking space. ADAS technology is in vogue and the demand and advancement are expected to rise steeply in the coming future.

Technology largely affects the way cars are designed, manufactured, operated and maintained. Consumer preference of a cara��s design, performance, and safety also greatly depends on recent technological trends.A� Whether ita��s changing music while driving, sending a text message, finding the nearest gas station or parallel parking with sensor-based assistance, technology has changed the way people drive a car. In the near future, consumers can expect upcoming vehicles to integrate more technological solutions. Hence, auto advertising agencies should consider building their automotive marketing strategies around these areas.

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