Formulating Effective Video Marketing Strategies

Automotive video marketing is one of the most versatile and effective methods to promote your business. It helps establish top-of-mind awareness by adding a new element to your branding approach and building rapport with customers. There are many reasons to consider a strong video content marketing push for your business, such as:

  • Videos have great influence on boosting conversions and increasing sales. According to recent studies, 74% of users who watched a video on a product eventually purchased it.
  • About 76% of businesses agree that video marketing campaigns have provided solid return on investment. Although video production isn’t cheap, it is easily worth the money when done right. Besides, smartphone technology and online video editing tools are advancing at a rapid rate, which makes video production more affordable.
  • Video builds customer trust and loyalty. Automotive videos engage and evoke emotions in customers’ minds. The major goal of any automotive marketing technique is to build customer relationships and trust, and promotional videos are a proven way to achieve this. According to a survey report, 57% of the consumers said that videos foster trust and gave them confidence to make a purchase.
  • Mobile users (and search engines) love videos. We all know the importance of search engine rankings and online visibility. Videos have a great influence on your search engine rank and embedding videos on your business website is more likely to increase the traffic to your website. Moreover, the number of smartphone users is growing, which translates to an increased number of viewers.

The next issue is deciding on what types of videos to develop. You need to develop a good content marketing strategy before proceeding with your video production plan. Some of the possible options include:

  • Vehicle reviews: As a dealership, one of your most important tasks is to educate and inform potential customers about your inventory. You can film new and used vehicles in your showroom with expert reviews or highlighting features. You can even consider shooting a test drive or recording the experience of a customer.
  • Service department: Dealerships not only deal with the sale of vehicles, but servicing and maintaining them as well. Think about filming the details of such services by taking a video tour of your dealership’s service department and talking to technicians.
  • Your sales staff: You need to generate trust among customers in order to build long term connections. Record your sales team and let them speak about their services and experience at the dealership.

Video marketing is one of the best creative approaches to auto advertising in Dallas. All you need to do is come up with a strong content strategy, production tools and techniques to create and post the best automotive videos. Hiring the services of a professional automotive marketing agency will make this process infinitely easier, as well as lending experience and professionalism to your campaigns.

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