Digital Automotive Advertising Tips: Micro-Moments

Smartphones have forever changed the way we interact not only with each other, but with the vast universe of information available to us in the internet. With each passing year, more people own smartphones that offer the ability to instantly access the internet and acquire information about any given subject. In the world of marketing, this ability has transformed the way businesses must approach and cater to potential customers.

The term a�?micro-momentsa�? refers to that moment where a person has the impulse to look up information about a product or service. This could apply to anything from buying a cup of coffee to purchasing a new car. According to a recent survey, 96% of customers reach for their smartphones when conducting in-the-moment product research. This makes quick and easy access to information an absolute necessity for a businessa�� digital presence. There are many ways that businesses can improve access to information that customers would look for in these moments of need. In doing so, that customer will be far more likely to continue engaging your business in their purchase decision.

  • Quick access: Providing customers a one-touch method to explore your product encourages them to engage with you and motivates them further into the purchase process. The immediate availability of so much information through a search engine makes it crucial that your virtual door is the one they open. If information is not readily available or easy to find, the customer will move on.
  • Provide direction: Enable a smooth transition from the research stage to the purchase process. The more convoluted your sales funnel, the less likely a customer is to do business. Automotive marketing agencies are experts in providing a clear path of touchpoints from research to sales, in ways that you may not have thought of.
  • Visibility: Once a clear path from research to sales within your dealershipa��s website is established, the biggest concern is generating traffic. If no one is seeing your website, how can they buy from you? Increasing your websitea��s visibility through careful and effective search engine optimization will drive traffic to your website. From there, your efforts in guiding a customer from research to a purchase will pay off.

Mastering these micro-moments, when customers feel the need to get information about a product they want, such as that new dream car, is essential to driving sales in this mobile-driven era. 70% of smartphone owners who purchased something at a business first used their mobile devices to conduct relevant research. Take advantage of these moments with an optimized website and sales funnel, and youa��ll be well on your way to mastering the mobile era. Hiring the services of top digital automotive advertising agencies such as RadioVision will give your dealership a leg up on your competitors in this process.

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