Utilizing Big Data in Digital Automotive Marketing

As competitive as the automotive industry has become, dealerships must remain on the cutting edge of the latest marketing techniques and trends. According to recent surveys, 75% of car buyers are turning to the internet to find the best deals from their local dealerships.A� Furthermore, 51% of consumers stated that they use their mobile devices to do their research. Therefore, it is crucial for a dealership to address both desktop and mobile platforms in their digital marketing efforts. Utilizing professional automotive marketing agencies in Texas or nationwide can go a long way toward accomplishing this goal.A�

Consumer data is now the fuel that drives online marketing. Having access to relevant consumer data is crucial to the success of an online marketing campaign – what drives consumers, what they look for when shopping for a certain product, and how they make their purchase decisions are all extremely important factors in shaping how a business conducts a marketing campaign in the digital landscape.A�A�

Data-driven marketing is defined as a�?the marketing insights and decisions that arise from the analysis of data about or from customersa�?. In this information-driven age, consumers are providing marketers with data with every click when interacting with a business online. However, it is up to the business whether they take advantage of the information this data provides. It can be used for direct marketing, social mediaA� promotions, public relations and more. According toA� a report composed by a leading marketing firm, in which hundreds of experienced digital marketing professionals were surveyed, around 64% agreed that data-driven marketing is crucial to success in a hyper-competitive market space.A�

When building a data-driven marketing strategy, then it is essential to seek the services of top automotive digital advertising agencies. DiscussA� yourA� marketingA� objectives and creative ideas, and they will provide professional feedback to help you devise an effective marketing campaign. Full-service automotive advertising agencies will assist you in every aspect of running your campaign, including tracking reach, conversions, and ROI.A�

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