Keys to Great Creative in Automotive Advertising: Radio

There are many similarities between methods for quality radio advertising and television advertising. The difference, of course, is the lack of the visual element in radio. Because you are dealing only with audio, it is all the more important to reinforce your branding and value statement. Without the benefit of strong visuals to promote top-of-mind awareness, choosing the right voiceover talent is critical to the success of a radio advertisement. Your creative approach will determine the tone of the radio advertisement, and choosing a voiceover artist to reflect the tone and feeling of your creative can do a lot to boost the effectiveness of your radio advertising.

Radio advertising production services should focus on delivering a clear and concise value statement and reinforcing your brand. Your businessa�� tagline is important to maintaining consistent brand awareness; this is why it is usually a good idea to create coinciding radio and television advertisements that play off each other, if you are running spots in both of these platforms. This way, your market audience will recognize your brand that much more easily.

As with television advertising, your radio ads should include the offers or incentives you want to advertise, your branding message (i.e. your tagline), and your businessa�� location. In this age of e-commerce, it is best to include both your businessa�� physical address and URL. An overwhelming majority of car shoppers do the bulk of their research online, and more each year are actually buying their vehicles off a dealershipa��s website. Therefore, it is important to not only increase the awareness of your business, but awareness of your online presence as well. Radiovision, as a full-service automotive advertising agency, is well-equipped to produce your advertising campaigns across all platforms. We promote not just your physical business, but your online one as well.

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