Keys to Great Creative in Automotive Advertising: Television

Unlike print advertising, television ads allow for much greater flexibility and dynamic messaging. TV ads are usually created 15 second, 30 second, or 60 second formats, and each of these obviously must be approached differently. When creating an advertisement, it can be surprising how much difference adding or taking away 15 seconds can make. The a�?less is morea�? principle still applies to television, but the nature of a dynamic advertisement provides much more room for content and creative to deliver a message to your audience.

Television ads are much more evocative than print ads, in that you can show footage of your product a�� for instance, running footage of a car that is on sale at your dealership a�� and deliver more offers and incentives without overloading your audience. With a voiceover narrating the ad, offers and incentives are more likely to stick in a potential customera��s mind. Stimulating brand awareness is also much more effective in television ads, as your logo and the voiceover naming your dealership stick out much more together than just an image on a page. Giving your automotive advertising media a consistent and catchy theme will further cement your top-of-mind awareness.

This ad we created for one of our Texas automotive advertising clients is a great example of using the medium of television to craft an effective advertising message. Distinctive branding, a very eye-catching opening and bold delivery of the offers that were being advertised come together to form a very memorable automotive advertisement. You can view more of our work on Radiovisiona��s website. We are a full-service advertising agency in Texas. We have clients all over the country, and our work goes beyond automotive advertising. Contact us today about your advertising needs!

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