Keys to Great Creative in Automotive Advertising: Print

We have discussed some of the keys to effective advertising across the various platforms available to marketers in the past, and many elements of good creative remain consistent across these platforms. That is to say, some aspects of what works in print advertising apply to television, some of what works in radio also apply to digital, and so on. However, there are certain methods of advertising that are unique to one platform and dona��t apply as well to others. Print advertising is unique among advertising platforms in that it is static.

In print, you have a single opportunity per ad space to convey the message you want your audience to receive. Therefore, you must be selective with what information you place in a print ad. It is important not to overload your print ad with too many offers or products. When you design a print advertisement, make sure to focus on one message to deliver. This doesna��t necessarily mean you have to limit yourself to a single offer or product, but a balance must be maintained. For instance, an automotive advertisement in a newspaper is best left to one or two models with corresponding offers, and a simple call to action. This leaves room for more general information about the dealership in the rest of the ad space.

A skilled automotive advertising agency will know to not try and shoehorn too many offers into a single print ad. A large, clear logo and a couple eye-catching offers will be much more effective for your brand than jamming as many offers and incentives as you can into a single print ad. When choosing a provider of automotive advertising services in Texas, it is useful to look at their portfolio and see what kind of approach they take to their print ads. You can browse Radiovisiona��s portfolio and see that we are firm believers in the idea that less is more.

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