Tips for Effective Automotive Advertising, Part 1

There are many different ways to create a successful automotive advertising campaign, but there are some basic characteristics that are common to any effective auto ad. These same characteristics can extend to most types of advertising services. However, the auto industry presents unique challenges for an automotive ad agency. We will focus on just a few aspects of successful automotive advertising in this article.

Automotive Advertising Tip 1: Create a Theme

When running an ad campaign, it is important for there to be a consistent theme behind it. Themes will vary between campaigns, mainly because different campaigns will be highlighting different aspects of your business. If you have a long-term sales event going on, it is important that the marketing behind it remains consistent. This creates stronger top-of-mind awareness in the audience of your automotive advertising.

Automotive Advertising Tip 2: Choose Your Message

Depending on the subject of a particular automotive advertising campaign (e.g. a sales event, one-time discounts, new inventory, etc.), the point of focus will need to suit what it is your selling. If a new kind of vehicle has arrived, focus on the highlights of that model: its new features, what needs it fills for a buyer, and what sets it apart from other vehicles like it. If there is a sales event going on, focus on the discounts and incentives that your dealership is offering. It may seem obvious, but this concept feeds back into one of the most important aspects of marketing: delivering a consistent message.

When choosing a provider of automotive advertising services, it pays to look over an agencya��s portfolio to see what their past work is like. The above tips are a good place to start as far as what to look for in their body of work. Consistency through a campaign and a focused message to capture the audiencea��s attention are important, but that is just the beginning. Check back later for more tips, and be sure to look through our past work in our automotive advertising portfolio; youa��ll see just how important these concepts are to us.

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