Digital Automotive Advertising: Uses of Social Media

In a previous post, we discussed why maintaining a social media presence is crucial in the modern landscape of automotive advertising services. Today, we will be diving deeper into specific aspects of social media that can be used to build a personal relationship with a dealershipa��s customers. As your social media pages begin to accumulate followers, it will gradually become easier to grow your pagesa�� imprint in your local market. Social media has become a major factor in digital automotive advertising because of its ability to directly reach customers.

One of the simplest ways to kick-start your pagesa�� popularity is to have point-of-sale materials encouraging existing customers to like and follow your pages. In doing so, you will be providing them a way to communicate directly with your dealership online. Once existing customers like or follow your page, people in their network will start to take notice as well. By posting model information and reviews, current sales incentives, and social media contests or giveaways, you can generate interest among potential car buyers. These contests and giveaways a�� e.g. a�?Like our page for a chance to win a gift carda�? a�� will encourage people to like or follow your page, which will increase your online presence.

Building Relationships Through Digital Automotive Advertising

This is a cornerstone of digital automotive advertising; consistent and rapid communication, calls to action, and incentives to buy from your dealership all help generate business. This is especially true since a majority of car buyers now take to the internet to research the cars they want to buy and from where they would like to buy them. Building a personal relationship with customers

Giving customers an easy way to communicate directly with your dealership eases the stress of addressing customer concerns on both sides as well. If upper management at the dealership can communicate with customers in the event of a concern or problem, the problem can be resolved quickly, which will encourage repeat business in the future. A direct, personal relationship with existing and potential customers via social media also fosters trust and personal rapport with your business. Publicizing community involvement does this as well; if customers see a dealership contributing to their community, they will form a more favorable opinion of your business. All in all, social media can be an invaluable tool for creating a lasting relationship with customers and bringing in new business.

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