Boosting Automotive Advertising Through Social Media

The importance of a strong online presence for businesses is greater than ever. This is as true for car dealerships as it is for any other type of business, if not more so. Studies show that less than three percent of car buyers in the Millenial generation rely on traditional marketing a�� like print ads and TV commercials a�� to make a decision on what products to buy. Meanwhile, 33% of Millenials rely mostly on blogs and social media for information to help make a purchasing decision. It is immensely important, given these facts, for car dealerships to incorporate social media in their automotive advertising.

Using Social Media as Automotive Advertising

There are many ways to leverage social media platforms into advertising tools. Making profiles for your dealership on major platforms gives your dealership a voice in the digital scene. From these platforms, dealerships can distribute information on different models they offer, advertise what sales are going on, and set up incentive programs for people who follow their page and share their posts. However, the biggest asset of social media goes beyond simple automotive advertising.

The most powerful use for social media interaction with potential customers lies in building a direct relationship with them; this is something that is simply not possible through traditional automotive advertising. Dallas car dealerships can boost their reputation and rapport with both existing and potential customers by interacting directly with these individuals via social media. By building a direct relationship with your customers, automotive advertising in Dallas can reach a new level of business-to-customer interaction, generating trust both in your brand and your business. This also stimulates word-of-mouth awareness for your dealership, which is crucial for growing your customer base. In todaya��s digital age, there are few more powerful tools in a dealershipa��s automotive advertising arsenal than social media.

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