Effective Digital Advertising, Part III: URLs

When constructing your website, one of the most important elements to consider is the URL structure. Think of how a potential customer would be searching for a product or service. What would they search for? How would they determine if a business meets their needs? How does a user search for the product or service they want, and what do they look for in their results? Balancing this sort of empathy for the user and effective search engine optimization is the key to success in digital advertising. This is a major part of what a digital advertising agency, like the digital department at RadioVision, will focus on.

Since search engines display URLs in their results, their structure can make or break your site. They can be just as important to the perception of your site as the content itself. After all, users will see the URL and factor that in to whether your site meets their needs. This decision is usually made before they even get to your website. Therefore, make sure everything that they see on the results page (including the URL) conveys your site’s relevance to what the user needs.

URL Structure

Your site’s URL structure goes a long way towards addressing that balance of user-friendliness and good SEO. Simplicity and clarity are your best friends in this situation. Simplicity in URLs means avoiding excessive numbers, parameters, and symbols. Using keywords is also important, but make sure toA�avoid falling victim to overuse. Keyword stuffing was covered in an earlier post, and applies as much to URL structure as it does to on-site content. Be descriptive, but not so much that the URL is overly long or dense. Keep in mind that URLs are visible in search engine results, and therefore can affect users’ perception of your website. Concise, static URLs are key to making your site look good to both users and search engines.

What A Digital Advertising Agency Can Do For You

Clarity, simplicity, and relevancy are the most important factors in increasing your organic search presence, in basically every facet of how you construct your site. This applies to URL structure, on-site content, metadata, and the structure of the site itself. Users will be more likely to visit your site, and a search engine will have an easier time crawling it, which will help raise your site’s rank. When you hire a digital advertising agency, these are just some the things that are focused on when working to increase your site’s organic web presence. And that is just a part of what we can do for your business in RadioVision’s digital advertising department.

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