Effective Digital Advertising, Part II: Structure

How your website is structured is a very important factor in how search engines are going to rank your business. Previously, we spoke about the importance of keywords in increasing the visibility of your website. While content is crucial, so is the structure of the website itself. Even the best digital advertising agency will have a difficult time increasing your websitea��s visibility if it is not structured properly so that a search engine has an easier time crawling it. The easier it is for a search enginea��s algorithm to crawl your site, the higher your site will rank.

Site Construction

The code with which your website is built isA�arguably most important aspect ofA�itsA�structure. The basic rule of thumb is this: the more your site uses HTML, the better. A site built entirely out of Javascript or Flash elements appears empty to a search enginea��s algorithm. Essentially, whatever content you have that is not HTML cannot be seen for what it is by a search enginea��s algorithm. This is not to say that you should avoid these types of elements entirely, only that they should be used sparingly. The quality and relevance of a website is determined by what a search engine is able to see; that is, HTML content.

Site Layout

The layout of your site is also crucial to boosting your visibility in organic search results. The overwhelming majority of people go straight to the organic results (i.e. not paid ads) when using search engines. This is why organic SEO is so important in the scope of digital advertising. A clean, logical layout will lead to a better quality score with search engines, and consequently, higher rankings on results pages. This also means having a well-structured site map is crucial. The more convoluted your internal link structure is, the harder it is for search engines to crawl your site. This leads to a lower quality score.

If you use HTML for the majority of your sitea��s content and take care to keep the layout of your site clean and well-organized, you will find it much easier to increase your sitea��s visibility and improve the effectiveness of your digital advertising. Think of it this way: there are two restaurants. One has no menus or table numbers, and servers have to go to every table to ask if the steak that just came out is theirs. The other is clean, well-organized, and has a clear, concise menu that shows what they serve, as well as a structured system telling the servers exactly where that steak is going. Which restaurant would you choose?

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