Direct Marketing and Its Uses in Automotive Advertising

Direct marketing takes many forms, but as a core concept it is the practice of communicating directly with customers through various forms of media. Potential customers are targeted based on a variety of factors. These can includeA�proximity to a business, purchasing history, and searchA�history. The focus of this post is not on lead generation but on the advantages of using direct marketing in an advertising campaign.


Rather than focusing on engagement and brand awareness, direct marketing is best used to convey a specific call to action. For automotive advertising, this would be a sale or incentive your dealership is currently running, or one being run by the manufacturer. Whether you are conveying this message through flyers, e-mail blasts, promotional letters, or outdoor print advertising, direct marketing is important to your automotive advertising campaigns becauseA�it is targeted directly at a specific group of potential customers. This eliminates wasted coverage that can help increase your ROI.


Direct marketing methods also allow more precise timing in your advertising. Media buying can take long-term planning and may experience delays; while it is essential to any successful broad automotive advertising effort, television or radio coverage can fall short in certain areas, just as there are areas in which television and radio advertisements are much more effective than direct marketing materials. Personalization is also much more feasible when using direct marketing, as different campaigns can be targeted to specific sets of consumers for far less money than producing unique TV and radio spots.

At RadioVision, we are able to create effective targeted marketing campaigns that complement your broader advertising, whether you are engaged in print advertising, radio and TV production, or digital advertising. We use focused targeting to reach the customers you want to draw in, with effective calls to action, top-tier graphic design and creative campaigns.

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