8 essentials for effective ads in one minute

This short article will give you quick insightful tips on how create compelling advertising that people actually get (and remember). Hundreds of messages are being thrown at consumers each day and you want yours to be the “most noticed”. If your message is not noticed it’s simple… you don’t earn a position in the consumers’ minds and your competitor gets the sale.

So here are a eight points and a quick sample of how it works together to be effective.
1. Get the consumer’s attention
2. Mention your product or your name (use repetition)
3. Sound believable or use in a jingle (hook)
4. Throw in a subliminal message or a testimonial (motivation)
5. Tell them where you are or where they can buy the product (location)
6. Mention the website or phone number (quick easy access to you)
7. Throw in your slogan (maybe include a sound effect for emphasis)
8. If all else fails bribe the audience (of course with a disclaimer)

When all these elements come together the consumer will notice you, know your product, your offer, location and options to get in touch with you. The hook will be set for this month’s buyer (or next) because have created a position in the consumer’s mind. When he or she is ready to buy they’ll think of you!

It should sound something like this: CLICK TO PLAY

Thanks for taking a minute to experience this insider minute from RadioVision, LLP automotive advertising agency. RadioVision, LLP is an automotive full service ad agency offering digital, broadcast, print and a full line of automotive media services for dealers and associations since 1993.

Jim McTighe is a media marketing strategist at RadioVision, Inc.
He can be contacted at 704.293.1020, or by e-mail at

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