Build Your Own Business Website

When it comes to running a business, especially a car dealership, having a website is a crucial part of your automotive digital marketing strategy. While many local car dealers contract with advertising agencies in Dallas to custom design their websites for them, there are ways that you can build your own basic, entry-level website online. This is especially helpful for small business owners who need a temporary website to get off the ground, before they invest a substantial amount of money from their automotive advertising budget into building a full-scale website.

One of the most popular free website builders is WordPress. While it functions best when used for blogs, the purchase of a simple $25-50 template allows users to add custom tabs, designs, and other features to their website to make it more accessible for their small business and automotive advertising. There are thousands of templates available, making media buying for your new WordPress website very easy. Some of these templates do not allow for much customization, while some offer great flexibility.

A WordPress website should not be a part of your long-term automotive digital marketing strategy, though it can work long-term for some small businesses, based on the nature of your business. However, it can be a great tool for car dealerships while they are talking to advertising agencies in Dallas to decide which website design and media buying strategy will work best for them. Dona��t say a�?yesa�? to the first web design offer now, spend thousands of dollars, and then have to re-do everything in a few months. Instead, put up a temporary website, give RadioVision a call, and let us customize your website to meet your specific needs as a car dealership.

If youa��re not a car dealer, the options are a bit more broad when it comes to establishing your online presence. Car dealers typically need high bandwidth websites that offer the capability to post their entire inventories online, but for many small business owners, an address, telephone number, and basic description of your business and services is all you need to get clients in the door. There are other options available besides WordPress; this is just one of the more popular options. However, it is not necessarily the most user-friendly, but there are tutorials online that can be discovered with a quick search of the Internet.

For websites that require online stores, you can still build your own website, but you will need to contract with an eCommerce service for the sake of your customers being able to add items to their online carts and then check out to complete their order. eCommerce services typically charge a monthly or annual fee, in addition to a percentage of each transaction, but some offer flat rates. An alternative to using an eCommerce service if you are just selling one or two items is to use the PayPal a�?Buy it Nowa�? button. This plugin is available to PayPal users and can be placed on your website and linked back to your personal PayPal account. Transactions are secure, but customers can only buy one item at a time, so if you sell more than a few items on your website, this can be very annoying to prospective customers and cost you sales.

Building a website for your business is not for everyone. While some may find it very easy, others may get stuck and find the whole experience to be stressful. If this sounds like you, the best option may just be to contact one of the advertising agencies in Dallas, who will help build your website for you.

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