Smart use of media to leverage your marketing effectiveness

Ten, or more realistically, 15 years ago, a commercial break from a television program provided only one opportunity for an advertiser to present their product or service, and the hope for sustained recall and later a consumer response. Now, in a world populated with digital natives, a break from a program opens up a moment for the viewer to make an immediate response to what they see by checking in with the digital world on any number of data devices. In reality, many people multitask on these devices even while theya��re watching television. This can be a huge marketing opportunity.

The new practices of a mobile, always-connected digital world create new multidimensional marketing opportunities for those who recognize them. People check e-mail, update social media feeds, play games or research something on the Internet that they thought of during the show they were watching. Historical facts, celebrity backgrounds, product information and countless other search results are at the consumersa�� fingertips.

Because automotive is the most competitive business industry in the USA, you can easily become lost in the shuffle of media as dealers and brands vie for the consumersa�� focus. It is important to maximize your
marketing investment by offering you something that stands out from the status quo.

Looking and thinking like everyone else may feel safe, but it doesna��t separate you from the competition and give you valuable brand equity with your consumer. No matter what medium you employ, the look, the sound, the hook and the delivery of your message must gain favor for your brand in your consumera��s mind.

With todaya��s big screen, high definition televisions and enhanced HD sound, it is not hard to imagine the consumer being swayed by imagery. Being memorable is as important for next montha��s buyers as it is for this weeka��s buyers a�� you need to make an impression that lasts.

Some believe that tonnage in traditional or digital media is important. True, it does take a lot of media to translate a poorly communicated message with a tired approach, but a strong, quality message requires less legwork on the part of the campaign, which ultimately translates into a more modest media expenditure to get the desired result.

Strong, creatively communicated messages can command attention, build brand awareness and capture equity positions in consumersa�� minds while requiring less media repetition. So how does this relate to digital media and the effective use of traditional media to drive traffic to Web applications? Easy. Quality messages with unique delivery get noticed by consumers.

Stepping out of the a�?status quoa�? differentiates you from competitors. The quality and impact of your message creates a position in consumersa�� minds, even as the consumer is engaged in digital multitasking. More effectively communicated messages deliver a higher ROI on media investment plus require less repetition, less media expense and increased brand equity.

Even with the enormous growth of digital media, the audience of television and radio are still massive and the perfect a�?big neta�? vehicle to channel consumers to social media, Websites and business sites. Once the consumer is engaged, you have an open line of communication with them a�� not just while theya��re watching television, but when they are in transit, in restaurants, with the family and, most importantly, when they are shopping for an automobile.

Businesses should be addressing people through television and radio to interact at that moment on their mobile devices. People are on their devices almost constantly. You can use that knowledge to connect with consumers and strengthen your market position. Imagine getting immediate action by speaking directly to consumers through an ad that says something like, a�?Take your computer or smart phone right now and check out what we have for you ata��a�? The psychology is simple power of suggestion. Combine this power with the convenience of digital devices and the opportunity is too good to ignore. It just makes good marketing sense.

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Jim McTighe is a media marketing strategist at RadioVision, Inc.
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