Market Dominance – The Important Ingredient to Sales

A one legged stool can serve a purpose but is not foundationally sound. So why do so many car dealers these days believe they can be dominant in the market with only the internet as their sole marketing medium and win long-term? Have they let go of the notion of market dominance, branding and independence to safely flock together with competitors on search engines and referral sites? Needless to say, they must not be considering how the referral sites get the customers to their websites. If you are like the millions of others who watch news, sports, music, entertainment or movies on your favorite TV or Cable channels, the answer is apparent. And as one of their clients you pay for their campaigns then share their prospects with your competitors.
These website managers realize that to stimulate the market requires the power of sight, sound, motion and emotion, which is most accessible through the a�?traditionala�? medium of television. Dona��t get me wrong, the internet is very important to the overall success of business today; however, its advantages do come with limitations. True market domination requires media orchestration, with each medium playing an important role in getting the job accomplished successfully. We call this 360 degree marketing.
According to Google and Deloitte, television is still the most effective means of triggering direct website visits by consumers. They also state the direct visitors to your website are the most important kind of internet prospects you can have. This could because they arena��t first clustered into a queue where competitors can distract them before they arrive at your website. Much like the newspaper of yesteryear, the internet has become more about comparing price and items side by side and that can affect gross sales.
If you want to win market dominance and not just earn green fees, you first need to be consistently a�?Top of the Minda�? with consumers. This means you always need to be the most memorable, most shopped, and perceived as the best in your product or service category. This requires Television and Cable as the a�?big neta�? in your media mix to gather consumers. Whether cultivating customers for your online or brick and mortar store, the journey for automobile consumers still predominantly starts with the reach and motivating power of Television followed by a comprehensive digital marketing plan.
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Jim McTighe is a media marketing strategist at RadioVision, Inc.
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