What to Look For in a Web Designer

Just because someone tells you, a�?I can build you a websitea�? doesna��t mean they are the right web designer to build your website. Unfortunately, not all printers, designers, web nerds, creative directors, and crazy uncles are the most trustworthy and reliable people out there. Dona��t get yourself caught in a situation where your cousin rips you off and you still dona��t have a website! Instead, you should trust one of the web designers or advertising agencies in Dallas that has been around the block a few times, that has a long track record of delivering quality websites. And if you do find yourself going with someone who is fairly new to the field of web design, make sure they have these three simple, yet crucial qualities.

1) Experience

This is pretty straightforward. Does your web designer have the experience needed to deliver a quality website? Unless they are brand new to the game, they should be able to show you a portfolio of their previous work, and if they have nothing to show, they should probably not be getting paid a full rate to design your website, the same rate you would pay to an automotive advertising company with years of experience.

2) References

It doesna��t matter how impressive a web designera��s portfolio is if theya��re a difficult person to work with. You dona��t necessarily have to ask them directly for references. Instead, check out their online portfolio and call one or two of the companies they designed a website for. Ask them what their experience working with this automotive digital marketing and web design company was like. Are they easy to get ahold of? Do they do what they say they will do? Do they help walk you through areas of the website that you have trouble understanding after the initial design work is complete? Do they know anything about automotive advertising? (This can be important if you business is a car dealership specifically.)

3) Creativity

Just because a person calls themselves a a�?creativea�? doesna��t mean they are actually creative. In fact, some web designers would probably be better suited in a career involving media buying, because all they do is buy a generic template, plug in your information, and then charge you several thousand dollars, as if they have just built you a fully customized website. Some business owners actually prefer these template or a�?forma�? websites, but ita��s important that you know what youa��re getting so you know that the rate of pay is appropriate. This is true when you hire a web designer or an automotive digital marketing company. Look for a web designer that is truly creative and will help your website stand out from the others in your region of automotive advertising before you write a big check.

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