Is Your Website Destroying Your Business?

More and more potential car buyers are shopping online these days. In fact, there are even some car dealerships that are offering customers the opportunity to buy their next vehicle online and have it delivered directly to their door, without ever leaving home. While we think most buyers prefer to test drive or at least SEE their vehicle in person before they buy it, it is true that more prospective buyers are looking at their options online, often extensively, before ever stepping foot inside a dealership. This is why automotive advertising and digital marketing is so important. In the age of the Internet, ita��s critical to combine traditional analog media buying with digital advertising, and RadioVision is here to help you do it effectively.

Because car buyers these days are making up their mind on the make, model, and even the color of their next vehicle before they enter a dealership, ita��s critical that your store has a great website and well-funded digital marketing budget, and an added bonus if youa��re working with one of the advertising agencies in Dallas to help you apply it. Well-crafted Internet automotive advertising has the power to influence buyers into choosing your dealership to buy from. It doesna��t matter how convincing your sales associates are if you cana��t even get people in the door! On the flip side, if your online automotive advertising is done well, youa��ll end up with people knocking on your door ready to buy.

So how does your website play into all of this? There are many potential ways your website could destroy your business. For example, if it loads too slow or is a pain to navigate, a potential customer relaxing at home after a long day of work is going to click over to another dealera��s site to browse. And if they find a great car, they may end up getting it from them, not you. It doesna��t matter how good your automotive advertising is, if people cana��t navigate your website once youa��ve got them there, they arena��t going to stick around.

Another way your website can be destructive to your business is if ita��s out-of-date. The next generation of car buyers expects more than previous generations, and a website that looks like it was built in 1999 just isna��t going to cut it anymore. Good media causes the buyers to come. A simple facelift can make all the difference, and will probably cost less than you think. Send some of your digital marketing dollars to one of the web design and advertising agencies in Dallas and let them bring your website into the 21st century.

Finally, keep it simple. Make sure your physical dealership address and phone number are easily accessible. You can a�?wowa�? someone with a sweet deal, but if they cana��t figure out how to find you, they can quickly lose interest. Keep your home page free of overwhelming clutter. Make sure your homepage copy is short and to the point; people can read longer entries about specific vehicles somewhere else on the website. Just make sure that the first impression gives buyers a crystal clear picture of who you are, what you offering, and how to take you up on your offer and purchase a new car.

If you feel like you need help in any of these areas, feel free to contact one of the advertising professionals at RadioVision for a consultation. We are one of the top automotive advertising agencies in Dallas, with decades of experience in analog, digital, creative, and media buying. We want to help you identify ways your website or other advertising measures may be keeping you from succeeding and form a plan to turn things around and increase sales.

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