Is Your Business Logo Like an Ugly Baby?

Have you ever seen an ugly baby?

Come on now, be honest …

Wea��ve all had those friends that have given birth to absolutely adorable babies, that you could stare at and play with all day long. And wea��ve also all had those friends that have babies who are, well … not so attractive.

Whata��s your reaction when you meet someone with an ugly baby? You typically dona��t tell them that their baby is ugly. That would be rude, and wouldna��t really help the situation, since therea��s nothing they can do to change it. But there is a good chance you wona��t spend as much time around them and their baby as you would your friend who has an adorable baby.

In the business world, this same scenario often plays out when it comes to logo design and automotive advertising. Wea��ve all seen those well-designed logos that are a lot like an adorable baby; you just cana��t stop stealing a glance at them. They have a certain air about them that always seems to draw you in; they are instantly recognizable, you get excited about being associated with that particular brand, even if ita��s as simple as making a small purchase. Advertising agencies in Dallas know this, which is why they design logos for the clients that are easy on the eyes. Well, some of them, at least. Just because you engage in media buying doesna��t mean youa��re getting quality media that needs to be thrown out there for the world to see.

Just as there are company logos that are like a cute baby, there are also logos that are like ugly babies. If your logo is one of these, ita��s unlikely that a customer will tell you straight. But there is a chance they wona��t want to be associated with your brand. One of the ways you can tell this is if you offer products with your company logo on them. Do they sit on the shelves forever, even when theya��re free? If so, your logo could be the problem, in which case one of the advertising agencies in Dallas can help you fix it.

A simple way to tell if you have an ugly logo can be to talk to your automotive digital marketing expert, who is likely to shoot straight with you. They can help you improve your automotive advertising or small business logo effectiveness by getting you to a graphic designer who can design you a quality logo that will look like the cutest baby in town!

The definition of what a good logo is constantly changes, so ita��s important to look at the current trends. Today, the most successful logos are often the simplest. They are easy on the eyes, and rely more on clarity and brand recognition than telling an entire story. Your logo should capture your entire business in a single image and perhaps a phrase, whereas the more in-depth story of your business should be communicated through a different medium. The best logos give customers a little taste of that story, so they want to step inside and learn more.

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